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HemingwayArt Gallery 2017



Sunday 19 November to Sunday 10 December 2017

See Haider's current works for sale here

See Hazelden's current works for sale here

Mixed media works on canvas and hand made paper by the artist Haider, born in southern Mesopotamia, who lives and works near Tours, France.

Lustreware, a technique with origins in Mesopotamia, by ceramicist Andrew Hazelden who is celebrating 10 years at his Yarnton studio.

Wine tasting  by: Le Domaine de Pierre Sourdais

HemingwayArt Gallery 2017



Sunday 30 April to Sunday 4 June 2017

See Ajerman's online gallery here

Michael Ajerman is an American artist, living and working in London.

With his paintings, nothing is ever quite certain.
They compel us to come in and find out.

Exhibition includes:


HemingwayArt is delighted to present Far from Tahiti, a solo exhibition of over thirty new oil paintings by American artist Michael Ajerman.

This new body of work spans the past four years, and through his strikingly vibrant paintings Ajerman investigates a breadth of subjects and sensations as if in some unresolved psychodrama. Sun-soaked colour and intense brush strokes cavort with dark pools to create familiar but unknown scenarios. Sometimes with humour, sometimes with voyeurism, the resulting scenes disarm the viewer and challenge us to come closer (but carefully) to find out more - regardless of how explicit the image truly is.

The exhibition title references an image by the 1920s American pin-up artist Enoch Bolles showing a young woman piggy-back, sea-frolicking on the shoulders of an over-bronzed male. "It was kind of a weird beach scene, in most pin-up art you only see the female, but this was interesting to me as it seemed to imply something about the battle of or disharmony of the sexes", explains Ajerman.

The human body, gender, and personal conflicts found in the private and the public domains continue to take precedence in Ajerman's paintings. In his unique arena, notions and signals are dispersed to create unanswered situations and dilemmas. In other paintings, the artist explores the use of still life and inanimate objects, portraying key chain trinkets, stuffed animals, and toys (some for children some for canines) to handle serious matters with a sense of wit and touch that fluctuates from piece to piece.

Whether it's rendering a contorted leg or capturing the delicacy of a toy bunny's ear, Ajerman explains "When I am doing them I am moving the body around and I don't really have a fixed pose … the way the body is rendered is completely unfixed and I have not pre-planned them at all so it's all an interaction with the paint, it's what I know from having done life drawing and having lived and seen people from life, and so on and so forth, but it has to do with the energy I put into them which hopefully keeps them more visceral."

To accompany the exhibition there is a 68-page colour catalogue with foreword by Alex Michon.

An artist's talk with Michael Ajerman and Alex Michon will be held on Saturday 3 June at 3pm at the HemingwayArt gallery.

About the Artist

Michael Ajerman was born in New York. He studied at the Corcoran School of Art and the New York Studio School, along with taking part in the Yale Summer School at Norfolk. In 2003 he completed a Masters in Fine Art at the Slade School of Art, London. The same year he won the Royal Institute Award through the Royal Academy.

Since then he has had solo exhibitions in the UK, Italy, USA and Israel including Squash (2013) and Fisherman, Strawberry and Devil Crab (2010) at Transition Gallery, London; Inatteso/Unexpected (2012) at Marco Rossi Arte Contemporanea, Milan; Heads or Tails (2011) at HemingwayArt, Oxford; and Glossolalia (2010) at Toomey-Tourell Gallery, San Francisco.

His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions including the 2016 Contemporary Drawing from Britain at the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, China; the 2015 East End Painting Prize at the Rum Factory, London; Kunskog at 500 Dollars, London; East Wing Collection 8 at the Courtauld Galleries, London; The Painting Room at Transition Gallery; and Bomberg's Relevance at the Ben Uri Gallery, London. He currently lives and works in London.



Oriental artist living and working in Tours, France.
Mixed media canvasses and works on handmade paper.

Saturday 18 February to Sunday 9 April 2017

HemingwayArt Gallery 2016


SELECTED WORKS by artists:

Michael Ajerman 
Sir Peter Blake
Adam Bridgland
Paul Crook
Lucy Gough
Amy Hemingway
Godfrey Phillips
Lucy Stein


Saturday 13 to Sunday 28 February 2016

DAN BALDWIN - original silkscreen prints

PETER BLAKE - The Wrestlers

with WENDY FREESTONE - sculpture

Dan Baldwin creates a unique and immediately recognisable vision in his silkscreen prints. His work is at once both abstract and figurative, reflecting both reality and the world of imagination. Born in Manchester in 1972, Baldwin studied at Eastbourne College of Art & Design and Kent Institute of Art & Design. His work is collected and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Peter Blake continues his exploration of wrestlers, a major theme throughout his career. Blake has been a wrestling fan since childhood. He began his first series of wrestlers in 1961. This series of prints is taken from new works created for Blake's 2015 London exhibition Portraits and People.

In collaboration with CCA Galleries

HemingwayArt Gallery 2015


Saturday 7 Nov to Sunday 22 Nov 2015


Paintings and glass by Roberto Barberi

Photography by Sergio Fortuna

Curated by Roberto Barberi

Born in Lugano in 1966, Barberi graduated from the Art Institute of Lucca and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in 1989. He now lives and works in Tuscany.


50 for 50

Selected works marking fifty

An exhibition for Oxfordshire Artweeks

Saturday 2 May to Sunday 10 May 2015

This exhibition presented a retrospective of Rona's work selected from a series of her shows over the last three decades, relating to family, women, motherhood and ageing.



Saturday 28 March to Sunday 12 April 2015

Godfrey Phillips is well known for his large site-specific public artworks across the UK created from wood and steel. But he has always worked with paint and paper too, and this show brought together a recent body of canvases and sketch books that take a fresh and very personal look at the landscape around us.

HemingwayArt Gallery 2014



Saturday 29 November to Sunday 14 December 2014

A person’s home (the place in which they live) may simultaneously represent a holiday destination to others. Streets and buildings instil in people a broad spectrum of emotions, making them feel ‘at home or away’.

Paul Crook’s atmospheric paintings explore the colour and temperature of suburbia, with caravans parked in driveways hinting at a larger world. Adam Bridgland’s prints spotlight our nostalgic desire to remember and relive places, often using rose-coloured glasses. In tandem, the hand-drawn style of Lucy Gough's work has a refreshingly ‘once-off’ quality, taking us back to a non-digital age of fine art printing.



Saturday 13 September to Sunday 5 October 2014

Amy Hemingway is a symbolist artist working in oils, pastels and charcoals. Born in the UK in 1979, she graduated with a Masters in Theology from Oxford University. She now lives as an artist in rural South Africa.

Fresh from a solo exhibition in Cape Town, her latest works explore Xhosa beliefs and symbolism, with paintings made on traditional shweshwe fabric. This show included pieces portraying bushman folklore, offering a glimpse into a life lived very closely with the animal kingdom.




Sunday 27 April to Saturday 31 May 2014

Celebrating 25 years of the twinning partnership between Oxford and Grenoble this exhibition featured six distinguished artists who live and work in the French city of Grenoble:

Virginia Alfonso
Martine Chaperon
Jean-Pierre Malandrino
Markus Nine
Sonia Serrano

Organised with the Oxford-Grenoble Association with the support of Oxford City Council.

Read the exhibition review by Anne James in the Oxford Times



Saturday 29 March to Sunday 13 April 2014

Crabby Taylor’s ceramic vessels are simple forms, statements for contemplation, produced through the chaos and control of smoke firing out in the open air under the wild skies of stormy English weather.

Karen Purple’s abstract works on canvas flow from voyages through the varied English landscape and coastline in search of natural forms and pigments. Some of her new works are responses to the ceramic vessels.

With sculptures in the garden by Martin Smith.

HemingwayArt Gallery 2013



Saturday 9 November to Sunday 24 November 2013

Gallery images

A selection of spectacular original prints by Godfather of British Pop Art Peter Blake spanning his six decade career.

His work crosses all generational divides.
Knighted in 2002, an honorary doctor of the Royal College of Art, and with his work represented in major collections throughout the world, Peter Blake truly is a grandee of British Art. In collaboration with CCA Galleries.



Saturday 5 October to Sunday 27 October 2013

Gallery images

Roberto Barberi works in murano glass and oils on canvas. Born in Lugano in 1966, he graduated from the Art Institute of Lucca and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara in 1989. He lives and works in Tuscany and has exhibited widely in Italy. This is his first major show in the UK.



Saturday 6 April to Sunday 21 April 2013

An exhibition of figurative paintings and portraits

Emily Porter-Salmon is one of the UK's leading young portrait artists. A finalist in the BP Portrait Award 2003 at the National Portrait Gallery, her commissions since then include David Hockney, Dame Kelly Holmes and Lady English.

HemingwayArt Gallery 2012


Saturday 22 September to Sunday 14 October 2012

An exhibition of smaller scale oil paintings in response to the natural world of colour


Saturday 14 July to Sunday 29 July 2012

An exhibition featuring three of our artists selected for this year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition


with invited artists



Saturday 5 May to Sunday 27 May 2012

An exhibition of original signed and numbered limited edition prints of some of music's most iconic album covers.

Starring the PETER GABRIEL collection of original art for his 11 solo albums. The prints in this collection are also signed by Peter Gabriel.

The show also featured original art for album covers from bands including Pink Floyd, Pentangle, The Who, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Steve Miller Band and more.

The artists were Storm Thorgerson, Peter Blake, Robert Mapplethorpe, David Scheinmann, Susan Derges, Trevor Key, Julian Grater, Malcolm Poynter, Nils-Udo, York Tillyer, Armando Gallo, Danny Jenkins, Marc Bessant and Stephen Gschmeissner.

In collaboration with Hypergallery

LINOLEUM: The Cutting Edge

Saturday 14 April to Sunday 29 April 2012

Artists from the UK, USA and Germany showed works that push the boundaries of the seemingly simple linocut artform, through large-scale prints, installation and animated films.

The artists were Victoria Browne, Steve Edwards, Bill Fick, Wuon Gean Ho, Scott Minzy, Nick Morley, Carsten Nicolaus, Chris Pig, Peter Rapp and Mark Andrew Webber. The exhibition was curated by Nick Morley.

How are you?

Saturday 24 March to Friday 6 April 2012

This exhibition featured work by a group of artists based at Magdalen Road Studios in Oxford. The show was also a fund raising event for three charities, with an online charity art auction.

Magdalen Road Studios is an Oxford charity that provides vital and affordable studio space for artists and creates opportunities for the public to experience and participate in contemporary art events. The exhibition also raised funds for the hospice Helen & Douglas House and Oxford Children's Hospital, Fund for Children.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us in supporting these three great causes.

The artists taking part were:

Madi Acharya-Baskerville
Diana Bell
Marie Darkins
Kelly Dunagan
Claudia Figueiredo
Helen Ganly
Nick Maitland
Paul Medley
Anna Morris
Karen Purple
Francesca Sciandra
Kleiner Shames
Luke Skiffington
Betsy Tyler Bell
Rose Wallace

and invited artist Sarah Simblet

Read the preview by Anne James in the Oxford Times

HemingwayArt Gallery 2011

Adam Bridgland and Lucy Gough


26 November - 18 December 2011

Troubadour featured striking and contemporary limited edition original prints and some unique one-off works on paper by London-based artists Adam Bridgland and Lucy Gough

Both artists continue to build their reputations. During 2011 Lucy Gough also exhibited at Alien Nation in London and mending Broken Hearts in Cambridge. Adam Bridgland had solo shows at the Courtauld Institute in London, Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth and the Munsterland Print Festival in Germany. He also exhibited new work in Aberdeen, produced a commissioned sculpture in Cambridge, and took part in the Ghost of Gone Birds exhibition in Liverpool.

Read the Anne James review of Troubadour in The Oxford Times

Nikola Irmer

Promethean Boldness

9 October - 6 November 2011

Over the last two years German artist Nikola Irmer has been producing the most striking paintings of exotic birds that were trapped and stuffed by intrepid explorers in the nineteenth century and have rarely seen the light of day since then. These 'birds with attitude' are encased in the Natural History Museum in Berlin, literally stuffed in cupboards, but are now enjoying a new lease of life in oils on canvas. This show is the first time these paintings have been shown in the UK. 

Supported by Blake Lapthorn - Leading law firm in Oxford, personal planning and inheritance specialists. www.bllaw.co.uk

Fiona Hepburn & Karen Purple

Natural Worlds

11 June - 3 July 2011

Artists Fiona Hepburn and Karen Purple use distinctively different methods to explore the world around us, each producing work that sits together sympathetically to demonstrate the fundamental harmony of nature. Fiona Hepburn re-creates detailed organic forms of fungi, spores and sea life through 2D and 3D screenprint structures on paper. Karen Purple uses natural pigments found in the landscape such as woad, weld and madder, to paint abstract portraits of the landscape on canvas and board. Two Natural Worlds, one nature.

Read the Anne James review of Natural Worlds in The Oxford Times

Sponsored by hunts, people in print

Michael Ajerman

Heads or Tails

27 March - 31 May 2011

The new show from HemingwayArt showcasing New York-born London-based artist Michael Ajerman.

Earlier shows

I'm not a tourist, I live here


This HemingwayArt show brought together twelve artists and designers whose art work celebrates what makes Britain unique. Culture, tradition, heritage and a contemporary take on natural history and landscape were amongst the themes represented.

The results were an explosion of media, colour and form with print, photography, painting, sculpture and textiles working together to create a sense of celebration and optimism.

Exhibition curated by Adam Bridgland and Lucy Gough


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